Testo Tools

Testo Australia is setting standards in the heating, refrigeration & air conditioning industry with state-of-the-art digital instruments. The range consists of refrigeration & vacuum gauges, refrigerant leak detectors, pressure meters, anemometer and data loggers. Testo prides itself on supplying state-of-the-art devices to industries around Australia. This is especially true for our refrigeration instruments, which have been servicing the industry at all levels for many years. These products provide a comprehensive overview of all facets of refrigeration, from leak testing to HVAC system efficiency measurement. If you have a refrigeration problem, Testo has the instrument you need to put it right.

TESTO 550 Digital Manifold

The rugged housing of the Testo 550 digital gauges includes a metal frame around the display which protects the digital manifold from impact. Now with 60 refrigerant profiles and added functionality for leak tests, the Testo 550 digital manifold is versatile enough to become the tool for every job. You can view measurement data on your Smartphone or Tablet, enabling you to quickly and conveniently complete and document your job.

TESTO 557 Digital Manifold

Are you primarily entrusted with the commissioning or maintenance of refrigeration systems or heat pumps? If so, the Testo 557 is the ideal digital manifold for you: like the Testo 550, this digital manifold replaces multiple tools in the refrigeration industry and can be connected to a practical app. As well as all the features of the Testo 550 manifold, the Testo 557 offers a high-precision external Pirani gauge for vacuum measurement: this enables the quick, safe evacuation of refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

TESTO 316-3 Leak Detector

Just turn it on and start getting readings immediately to find most refrigerant leaks. Thanks to the automatic zeroing, the Testo 316-3 is extremely fast and can be used even in previously contaminated areas, making it our best refrigerant leak detector yet. The 316-3 has an LED indicator, automatic zeroing, and audible alarm, all in a rugged housing.

TESTO 316-4 Leak Detector

Leaks on a refrigeration system or heat pump have serious consequences. You need fast, reliable measuring instruments such as the testo 316-4 leak detector in order to be able to detect even the smallest of leaks. The Testo 316-4 has extremely high sensitivity of ˂3g/a, enabling detection of even the smallest leaks. With both visual and acoustic alarm for optimum leakage detection and the added advantage of an earplug connection for safe leakage detection in loud environments.

TESTO 552 Digital Vacuum Gauge

The testo 552 is a high-precision digital vacuum gauge designed to provide you with reliable readings. It has all the measuring functions you need for evacuating refrigerant systems and heat pumps and is built to last and tough enough to take the odd knock.

TESTO 420 Flow Hood

Light, precise and convenient: the testo 420 flow capture hood makes volume flow measurement at larger air inlets and outlets considerably easier. At only 2.9 kg, it is the lightest volume flow hood on the market. And with its integrated flow straightener, the measuring device for volume flow measurement sets new measuring precision standards at swirl outlets. This allows users to fulfill hygiene guidelines and requirements for indoor air quality and volume flow in ventilation and air conditioning systems quickly and precisely, e.g. in industry, office areas or cleanrooms.