Aspen Pumps

Aspen Pumps is at the forefront of condensate pump technology. As engineers, they understand the complexity of installations and so create market leading products that are designed to best suit the application and environment. Aspen Pumps pride ourselves on providing professionals with everything you need for the perfect installation; from pumps to pipes.


The world’s best selling mini pump offers unrivalled reliability and performance. Allows for great installation flexibility. Complete with submersible secondary reservoir and anti-siphon decision.


Need more performance? Designed for larger units, the Maxi Orange pump gives you the extra power when you need it. Suitable up to 46kW the maxi orange is perfect for large commercial units.


The patented Lime System is a unique one piece elbow pump, mounted within a dedicated trunking system. It’s compact design allows easy install & maintenance.


Designed for larger units & humid environments. The Maxi Lime elbow pump gives you supreme power when needed. While maintaining its easy to install and easy maintenances properties.


The award-winning Micro-v condensate removal pump with no breather tube, fits into the smallest of spaces. On-demand operation and floatless technology delivers silent running and a longer pump life.


The ‘ultra-quick fit’ Mini Blanc is designed to be fitted beneath high wall indoor units and offers easy access for future maintenance.

Mini Tank Pump- FP1056

The new and improved Mini Tank pump can be wall mounted, floor mounted, in-pan or suspended on M8 / M10 rod. Using piston technology this is a compact, powerful and multi-functional tank pump.

Max Hi Flow Pump- FP3349

The best in class Max Hi-Flow tank pump carries on the Aspen Pumps tradition of build quality & high performance. With the lowest dB(A) rating & best IP rating (IP24 splash proof) of any tank pump, the Max Hi-Flow is the quietest & safest pump in its class.